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Raspberry PI 2 Pinout link : https://ms-iot.github.io/content/images/PinMappings/RP2_Pinout.png


This is a set of shell scripts to deal with RaspberryPi and derivatives image files.

Latest version is available here.

Retropie Setup

This script allows you to fetch Retropie installation scripts as well as BIOS files (still in dev...) in one command!

Retropie installation files will be fetched to /opt/Retropie-Setup, while Retropie itself will be installed to /opt/retropie.

Script is available here : retropie_setup.sh. To directly run it on your Pi :
  >> curl -sLS http://www.ruedesrancy.org/rpi/retropie/retropie_setup.sh | /bin/sh


A script to setup some "cosmetics" for your *Pi installation :
  > Set a colorfull PS1
  > Define a bash history format
  > Enable syntax highlighting in nano
  > Warning : paste MY PUBLIC RSA KEY in authorized_keys SSH file... (edit script...)

Script is available here : rpi_profile.sh. To directly run it on your Pi :
  >> curl -sLS http://www.ruedesrancy.org/rpi/rpi_profile.sh | sudo /bin/sh